3 Essential Features of a Top Retail iPad POS

Retail iPad POS

Essential Features of an iPad Retail POS System

In a retail landscape of ever-shifting customer preferences and supply chain issues, innovative technology systems and solutions (such as inventory software) are one of the most valuable assets for business owners. Automated technology can simplify processes, and tablet solutions such as an iPad retail point of sale (POS) system, allow businesses to become more mobile and accept payments from anywhere. An iPad retail POS system is also easy to learn and intuitive, as most employees will be familiar with their personal devices. This will save your business on training costs and time.

It’s time to say goodbye to legacy systems and clunky hardware. Instead, an iPad system is cloud-based, providing increased flexibility at a cost-effective solution. iPad systems are also available with a wide array of features to suit your needs. Here are three essential features your iPad POS system for retail should have.


An iPad Retail POS System Offers Payment Options Customers Want

Consumers expect retail experiences that are faster, simpler, and seamless, and they are increasingly relying on digital solutions to engage and transact with retailers. Providing consumers with various payment options increases convenience and is likely to increase conversion rates. Offering multiple payment options is also a way to build trust in your brand. Customers’ willingness to shop with a store is significantly impacted by the availability and acceptance of their preferred payment method. These options can help you reach larger audiences, so make sure your iPad retail POS system has these capabilities:

Contactless Payment Options

According to the National Retail Federation via a Mastercard study, 8 out of 10 shoppers said they are using contactless payments. While these consumers were initially motivated by safety concerns, nearly three-quarters said they plan to continue using these payment methods. Customers also appreciate the speed and convenience of an easier checkout process. Using the latest iPad retail POS system ensures that you have the most up-to-date payments software and hardware. Additionally, contactless transactions are up to 10 times faster and can reduce long lines. Another convenience is emailing receipts directly to the customer’s inbox rather than handling paper products. For many customers, offering contactless payment options is a prerequisite for giving stores a try.


Layaway is a popular option for consumers seeking additional flexibility in payments. It allows them to reserve the items they want, pay over time, and pick up their item once the balance is paid off. With the right iPad retail POS system, you can track and manage layaway orders from beginning through completion. In addition, you can view customer, item, and payment reports, gaining valuable consumer insights. Offering layaway payments can bring your products to a broader audience, including shoppers who might otherwise not be able to make a purchase. This is especially true for more expensive items, such as furniture or electronics.

House Accounts

Businesses are increasingly adopting buy now, pay later (BNPL) solutions, including layaway, particularly with zero-down payments. Another BNPL strategy is house credit lines, which allow charges to be placed on an account with the option for the customer to pay at another time. As with layaway, your retail iPad POS should help you manage these accounts easily.

Gift Cards

The ability to issue and redeem gift cards is a proven promotional strategy to attract customers. The long-term growth of gift cards is strong, driven by the increased adoption of digital and e-gift cards. PR Newswire reports that the US gift card market is expected to reach $238 billion by 2025. Inflation has reshaped consumer spending habits, and gift cards can help them stretch their buying power. Additionally, with increased shipping delays, out-of-stock products are rising, contributing to a pay now, shop later mindset. A gift card POS program can help you implement personalized branding, is reloadable for repeat sales, and can be linked to loyalty programs.


Loyalty Programs Made Easy with iPad Retail POS Systems

The right iPad POS can also help with your marketing efforts. A key strategy is to build email lists and grow repeat customers through a loyalty program. These popular programs can be set up on a points-per-dollar setup, which the merchant controls, allowing each store to have a customized program. With your iPad system, you can:

  • Effortlessly enroll consumers in the program right at the point of sale
  • Customize loyalty points to incentivize spending
  • Set reward tiers or singular reward levels
  • Automatically track points and offer rewards once milestones are reached
  • Apply rewards automatically to qualifying purchases. 

Like flexible payment options, a loyalty program’s presence can significantly influence consumers’ decisions about where to shop.


Manage Your Business Anywhere with an iPad Retail POS System

With a robust analytics and reporting system, business owners can leverage data to understand business performance better. This allows for more informed strategic decisions. POS reporting should give insights into your customers, sales, expenses, inventory, labor management, and product and store performance. A cloud-based solution will provide built-in software updates, managed security, and keep everything connected with rich integrations like eCommerce, accounting, marketing, and other back-office functions. Additionally, you’ll be able to sync and view changes in real-time and access information from anywhere with an Internet connection.


How Paradise POS is Helping Retail

Paradise offers a complete iPad retail POS system that empowers retail businesses to increase revenue, control costs, improve productivity, and drive profitability. With our system, you can give customers what they want for a stellar buying experience, from flexible payment options such as contactless and layaway to a loyalty program that will keep them coming back. And you’ll be able to access critical business data anywhere, all organized with a customizable menu. So if you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of an iPad POS, contact Paradise today!