Advantages of In-House Online Ordering Systems

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Why You Need an In-House Online Ordering System

Life in a digital world has accustomed consumers to the convenience and ease of getting what they want with a click of a button. As a result, consumers now expect restaurants to offer an in-house online ordering system. Adopting new technology simplifies your customers’ lives and ensures your business can stand tall in the competitor market.  

Restaurants that adopt an in-house ordering system see many advantages compared to those using third-party apps: collecting insights on customers, creating a customizable user experience, and, most importantly, being able to profit from all meals – with no commission fees paid to a third party. So let’s dive into why you should implement a restaurant online ordering system.

Streamlined Restaurant Operations

Online ordering systems for restaurants can streamline the back-of-house (BOH). When customers send in their orders, it decreases the time staff spends on the phone. Additionally, as soon as the order hits the kitchen, your team can prepare the meal, ensuring orders are accurate and ready promptly. Allowing customers to order directly also frees staff to take care of more important things, such as building an excellent customer experience. 

Another benefit is the ability to make instant, real-time changes to your menu rather than relying on a third-party app to update your menu. An up-to-date menu eliminates the frustration of a customer potentially ordering an out-of-stock item, factoring out customer disappointment and relieving your staff of having to call to correct the mistake.

Increased Transaction Amounts

With an in-house ordering system, customers can browse the menu at their leisure, allowing a greater chance of adding additional items to their orders. According to a study by Statista, 34% of consumers spend at least $50 when ordering food online. Additionally, in a recent survey by Fundera, 70% of consumers would prefer to order directly from a restaurant rather than use a third-party service.

A restaurant online ordering platform allows you to customize the system to highlight specific items or run promotions to influence purchases and higher check averages. But, more importantly, you can reach thousands of consumers at a time and cater to a more significant number of people without investing in additional staff and infrastructure.

Order Accuracy

When a restaurant is busy, it’s easy for orders to be incorrect or rushed. But, with an in-house restaurant online ordering system, customers manage their orders, allowing them to order precisely what they want at their leisure.

Order accuracy is a significant factor in turning everyday customers into repeat customers. Online ordering also enables greater clarity and understanding of orders. For customers with dietary restrictions, your online ordering system can have features to indicate allergies, making it easy for the BOH to adjust orders accordingly. This results in better customer experiences and operational results for restaurants, saving time and money.

Free Marketing

A restaurant online ordering system allows you to market your restaurant by enhancing your online presence. You can boost sales with new and returning customers. A strong online presence means you can be in front of your customer 24-7 without paying for advertising. An online ordering system is a cost-effective way to reach a more extensive audience base, giving you an edge over the competition. 

Furthermore, restaurant operations give up brand control when utilizing third-party online vendors. The online ordering experience directly correlates to how your business is perceived. An in-house system allows you to be consistent and attract customers beyond their in-house experiences.

You Keep the Profits & Data

Unlike third-party apps, hosting an online ordering system integrated with your point of sale (POS) means you keep all the revenue from every transaction. With escalating commission fees, the more business a restaurant does online, the higher percentage of its sales goes to a third-party vendor, reducing  online profitability. Third-party online ordering systems charge anywhere from 25-40% commission. Instead, Paradises’ Online Ordering Pro only charges a monthly flat rate with zero commissions and setup fees. 

Additionally, most third-party vendors don’t provide clients with the customer data they collect. With an in-house system, restaurants can capture customer contact information and detailed order history just as they do for customers who dine in. Customer data can then be used to create targeted marketing messages.


An Online Ordering System is a Smart Investment

Investing a small amount of money monthly will not only ensure you’re able to keep up with technological demands, but you give your restaurant the ability to streamline operations, increase check averages, ensure order accuracy, and eliminate expensive third-party online ordering applications. In addition, offering an in-house system keeps you ahead of the competition and allows you to grow your business exponentially. 

Paradise POS’ Online Order Pro offers far more than third-party applications: it’s customizable to your needs, offers contactless order & pay, easily integrates into your POS system, is cash discount compatible, and more. If you’re ready to get started on a more efficient and profitable restaurant, Paradise POS can help!