3 Tips to Stay Competitive As A POS Reseller

a POS reseller businesswoman working on her laptop

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to find new revenue streams, or enhance their programs altogether. This has become even more of a priority over the last nine months as businesses find themselves navigating a unique economic climate.

As a POS reseller, it’s important to have benefits that will keep your solutions attractive against your competitors. The end of the year is the perfect time to do an analysis of how you can position your company for success as we move into 2021. Here are three tips to consider as a value-added reseller (VAR) if you’re looking to stay competitive among your competition moving into the new year and beyond.

Focus on Value and Profitability

The best way to stay competitive as a POS reseller is to look at your margins. How do they stack up against similar businesses? Now is the time to research to make sure your numbers are comparable. This will save you time when you’re pitching your products for program opportunities.

Another area you want to focus on is to look for a partner program that offers competitive margins. Why? You want a price point that customers see as providing a good value when compared to other industry VARs’, yet still produces a healthy profit for your business. Although it’s important for you to consider your company needs to keep revenue flowing, it’s just as crucial to consider the value you’re contributing as well.

Supporting customers’ business growth is what makes their company prosper. Rather than only thinking about what you can sell them, the best POS resellers always think about how to benefit them. Successful resellers will always remember that it’s about fostering positive business relationships for long-term development. You might need to take a small cut on price in the beginning, but this can bring your business long-term revenue when that partner chooses your VAR due to your strong partnership. When your clients advance, they are surely going to expand and will come back to you because of the value you have already provided to them, furthering your business benefits.

Make Their Success Your Success

Businesses want to work with companies that are invested in their success. Remember, it’s not all about selling and marketing your products to the program partners, it’s about fostering relationships built on reciprocity. Here are some tips to keep communication lines clear and open to stay competitive:

  • Provide enough information: We’re talking flyers, sales literature, videos, and website resources. It’s important you do the work to make sure your customers have the info they need to make informed decisions.
  • Create custom opportunities: It’s almost 2021, which means product development is a way to stand out among your competition. These customizable options allow merchants to meet customer needs. Look for a partner that values innovation and offers solutions that solve today’s unique business needs. 
  • Offer superior support: Even the best POS systems require technical training and support at some point. It’s essential to give assistance that helps overcome technical challenges. As a reseller, look for a partner that helps with the onboarding process, saving time and money for everyone.

Exceptional POS resellers stay ahead of the game compared to competitors because they look to share value and growth for the prospective businesses they seek out. Providing support, innovative opportunities, and detailed information are helpful with this process.

Stay Relevant With Industry Trends

2020 has been a year of learning and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to POS trends, especially for those in the restaurant and retail industries. When memorable events like a global pandemic occur, it’s important to think ahead and provide additional support to your customers as they’re navigating unique challenges. Learning and implementing industry trends to your repertoire is crucial for your growth.

A flourishing POS reseller must be cognizant of the latest technologies and products, and how they’re changing, especially if they are related to your target market. Research current trends to develop the best business practices for your customers’ niches. By doing this, you can position your business to assist new potential customers, which will support your business expansion and income growth in the process.

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