4 Technologies You Need to Get Started in Fashion Retail

store associate with tablet in fashion retail store

In the marketplace today more and more items are becoming available online with many online fashion retailers promising you can find anything on their massive sites. However, despite the growing presence of digital retail channels 67 percent of individuals ages 13 to 21 shop in a physical store most of the time despite being the first digitally native generation.

Therefore, investing in quality technology for your retail store is essential for the success of your establishment. Here are the four essential pieces of technology you need to get started in retail fashion:

Point of Sale

As the main hub for your fashion retail boutique, a point of sale (POS) system is the most essential of all retail technology you need to get started. Since the system will be handling tractions in your store you will want to make sure that the POS system has the features you need to ensure you get the most value for your system. Your POS should be:


Your retail fashion pos needs to be reliable. Handling a large number of transactions is essential for the industry and your system should be able to handle this kind of pressure.


In addition to being reliable, your system needs to be configurable. Your job as the owner or manager of the shop is difficult, why not make it easier with a system that gives you option to run your system the way you’d like.


Your POS system must be intuitive so training employees is easier than ever. An iOS interface is easy to use and many employees would already be familiar with this type of system.


No matter how much technology changes and advances, printers are still essential for your fashion retail business.

Not only will you need a printer to create tags and labels for your merchandise but some of your customers will still like having a physical receipt from their purchase. Some older customers may not have smartphones for a text receipt and may not find emailing a receipt that helpful.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode technology certainly is new, especially since the first barcode patent was filed in 1949. However, it is still an essential technology to have for your fashion retail establishment. Not only does barcode technology help streamline checkout processes for your customers, but it also helps make inventory management even easier for you.

Employees can learn a barcode inventory and scanning systems easily and painlessly to make checkouts for customers run smooth. Also, as employees scan barcodes your system should be able to help you automatically keep track of your inventory, such as how many of each size and color of a particular item is in stock.

Mobile POS

As mentioned, a traditional POS system is essential to help manage your fashion retail business. However, a mobile POS can help augment operations and help you provide an added layer of customer services.

With a mobile POS your employees can engage directly with customers and check out their purchases from anywhere in your store. Employees will also be able to look up product and pricing information on the retail floor without having to go to a service counter or a traditional POS terminal.

Getting Started

No matter how big or small your fashion retail establishment is you will need technology to get your business up and running.

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