7 Traits of a Worthy POS Partner

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What to look for when choosing a POS Partner

As a reseller, you want to make sure you work with the right POS partner. It’s important to choose the right partner because the partnership you enter into determines how profitable you are. Choose the right partner, and you can enjoy a great profit margin, a valuable resource for information, and a great product that drives customer satisfaction. Choose the wrong POS partner and your reputation in the industry could suffer, your products could be inferior, and your customers could be unhappy.

Here are the traits you want to look for when determining whether to enter into a partnership:

Continually Innovating

A tell-tale sign that a partner is focused on delivering the best product possible is continuous innovation. Find a partner that consistently reinvests in their product, releasing new updates and features as the needs of the industry evolve. This shows that they are not only experts in the industry, but they keep an ear to the ground and regularly deliver solutions that meet new demands as they arise.

Pays You for Your Work

Some potential partners offer better profit margins than others. Make sure you put in the time to research the different profit margins and commission structures available and choose the partner that offers a healthy margin. You want to actually get paid for the work you put in. Choosing a partner with a poor margin is unfair to you. You work hard and deserve to be paid fairly.

Ally, not Adversary

You want a POS partner—not a competitor. Partnering with an ISV that also sells to end users is not only frustrating, but potentially damaging to your bottom line. Why would an ISV be fully committed to helping you succeed when they can sell to your customers and keep the profits themselves? Choose an ISV with a firm commitment to ensuring the success of their partners.

Beefs Up Your Line Card

Make sure you have a well-rounded product portfolio by partnering with an ISV that offers complementary products. Not only will you be able to hit markets and industries you might not already serve, you can ensure that all your complementary products can seamlessly integrate with your POS. If you offer additional products that complement the ones you already carry, you can bundle them together. Bundles are becoming more and more popular. This allows you to offer an all-in-one, comprehensive solution complete with a printer, payments, POS hardware and software.

Backs You With Quality Support

It is absolutely vital to choose a POS partner that provides quality technical support of their own. Just like your clients, you don’t want to be left high and dry when problems arise. That’s why it’s critical to have reliable backup, otherwise you will end up with more headaches than it is worth.

Helps You Market

A POS partner should be committed to your success, and to ensure that, should provide professionally-designed marketing materials, website landing pages, and more. They should make these materials available for you to use as needed, and should have a solid marketing strategy. After all, the more you succeed, they more they succeed. Choose a partner that understands this.

Certified Legit

Don’t sign up with a POS partner that doesn’t offer some sort of training or certification of their product. You want to make sure you understand the ins and outs of the product you are selling, as well as the certifications it possesses, so you can adequately convey to prospects how you can address their needs.

Choosing the right POS partner is a very important step in achieving success as a reseller. Don’t just jump in head-first without first conducting some research and determining which ISV is the best fit for you. Paradise POS offers iOS-based point of sale software, and offers a great commission structure, along with a variety of resources and marketing materials. If you are interested in learning more, contact Paradise POS about our partnership program.