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Three Characteristics of a Successful POS Value Added Reseller Partnership

Whether you’re a new POS value added reseller (VAR) or you’ve been selling systems for years, you know how important it is to find the right point of sale (POS) partner. With the right partner you’ll have the tools, products, and solutions needed to stay competitive and profitable.

The current market has brought on a new wave of potential issues you could run into if you don’t have the right POS partner. Issues range from a lack of sales assistance or supply chain issues to product offerings that aren’t changing to meet customer demand. If you’re experiencing any of these challenges or others, it could be time for a change. Consider these three characteristics when looking for your next POS partner.

Support System in Place for POS VARs

As a POS VAR, it sometimes may feel like you’re competing with your POS partner. However, partnering with a company that offers a comprehensive support system is vital to having a mutually successful relationship.

A valuable POS partner should offer marketing support and materials, hardware certifications, a trained support team, and more to drive a successful partnership. For example, with a partner like Paradise POS, you can access joint marketing materials designed to give a consistent and professional sales pitch. In addition, your POS partner should be there for you and your customers, providing US-based customer support to ensure successful training, installation, and deployment. You should feel confident that you and your customer are supported, whether it’s a quick question or a complex task.

POS Partner Sales Assistance

Any valuable POS VAR program should offer pre-sale support to help you identify potential customers and close more business. Some programs may even take this a step further by facilitating live demos to your potential clients, allowing the merchant to get direct answers from the software company itself. In addition, a good POS partner should work with you to create proposals based on the pricing you wish to present and even help facilitate the closing process. By being so involved in the sales process and providing 24/7 support, a program like the one offered by Paradise POS allows you to focus more on cultivating new business.

To stay competitive as a POS value added reseller, you must keep up with the latest industry knowledge. Having a partner you can talk shop and trade insights with is crucial in staying sharp in the POS industry. With our partnership, a sales team member works diligently to be available when needed and provides white-glove service to our distributor partners, whether answering general knowledge questions or providing in-depth solutions for unique clients to provide a sales experience for our resellers and your clients.

Innovative, In-Stock POS Solutions

POS technology is constantly evolving, especially with the strides the retail and restaurant industries have made in recent years. With new customer demands and supply chain issues, a POS provider that isn’t keeping up with the changing industry can quickly get left behind, meaning you won’t have a quality product to sell. A worthwhile partner must be committed to continual product development and innovation, adding features that empower POS VARs to offer cutting-edge POS software. 

POS solutions to look for: 

  • Online Ordering
  • Contactless Payments
  • Direct Marketing Capabilities
  • And More!

Having actual stock is one of the most important factors for a software and hardware vendor. Unfortunately, in recent months supply chain issues have caused many POS vendors to halt sales of certain solutions. Or, vendors have left some companies with minimal to no solutions for months, leading to lost sales to a competitor or extremely long lead times, essentially putting your clients on ice. Paradise POS is constantly monitoring our partners and keeping large volumes of stock in-house to prevent these events, helping keep customers happy and VARs profitable.

Why POS Value Added Resellers Love Paradise

As a POS VAR, you must have a reputable POS partner, like Paradise POS, that will be fully committed to your success as a reseller. In addition, your POS partner should offer proper sales support and training while offering technology that’s innovative and ready for you when you make a sale. 

At Paradise, we are committed to helping our channel partners drive revenue growth and profitability through their partnership with our organization. Interested in becoming a Paradise POS Partner? Contact us today!