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POS Support

Why Your Business Needs U.S.-Based POS Support

The best point of sale (POS) solution for your business is more than software with the features you need to run a successful business and the hardware to support it. Your provider should also back your system with comprehensive POS support. 

As you evaluate solution providers, you’ll probably find that they all list “industry-leading” or “comprehensive” POS support in their marketing materials. However, you can’t take those claims at face value. Businesses need to do their due diligence and ensure they have the service and support they need, when they need it. 

A bar or restaurant POS system that stops communicating with receipt printers at 5 p.m. on a Friday or a retail iPad POS system that can’t connect to Wi-Fi during a holiday sale can bring your business to a halt. And it’s not a question of if, but when. Every business experiences POS issues. For example, Target experienced a POS system failure on Father’s Day in 2019 – and an estimated loss of $50 million. No business can afford to wait while a POS tech support team that advertises “excellent” service tries to work you into their schedule.  

Give your business the advantage of POS support with service levels that meet your needs and a POS solution provider that will commit to resolving issues quickly and keep your business running smoothly. The best POS tech support will cover your system from installation to operation and be available for calls and in-person service, when needed, in your time zone. Discover all the benefits your business will have with reliable U.S.-based POS support.


Installation Support

Expert installation is the first step in a POS system that will deliver real value. A U.S. based solution provider should be able to offer onsite installation to ensure their team of experts configures your system properly for your unique operations.

Testing is also a vital part of the installation process, whether you are deploying a POS system for one lane or 20. Your POS solution provider should test your system to work with all peripherals and business applications. The provider should also ensure your system is certified to work with your payment processing solution and that all components of your system that use payment card data are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

Also, leading providers will configure and test your system before it ships – rather than have a distributor ship hardware and software to your business and leave configuration up to you. The work the provider puts into your system before it arrives at your location will ensure a more efficient implementation and the ability to use your new technology sooner, issue-free.


POS Support Staff

A key question to ask your POS provider is whether they have POS support staff in-house. Some providers use a third-party help desk; however, the agents who take those calls may not be as familiar with the technology the provider sells. Furthermore, they may be unable to find information specifically about your business that may affect the best way to troubleshoot your issue. 

Easy, reliable access to knowledgeable POS tech support for your system will be an asset to your business by providing efficiency and uptime. You will also benefit from POS solution providers who offer training for your team. Employees often need some training, even with the most intuitive systems, to use them most effectively. For example, training can cover voids and refunds, split tickets, and split payments for restaurant transactions. Instruction from the experts who know your system best will help your team get to know the new system and tips and tricks that can help them get the most value from it.

Determine the best way to provide training for your team and ask your provider if they offer: 

  • Hands-on training either remotely or in person to help your employees feel more confident and reduce stress as they operate the new system. The ability to run test transactions and simulate real-world customer interactions will help your staff when it’s time to complete actual transactions.
  • Remote training to familiarize your employees with your new system without requiring an onsite meeting.
  • Self-service training as an option for time-strapped teams. Ask if your provider has posted video tutorials or other resources that employees can refer to when needed. 

White glove service from demo to deployment ensures that your business will get the most from your POS system.


Ongoing POS Tech Support

As you vet POS solution providers, research the level of POS support they provide after implementation. When POS systems fail, the impact is widespread across your business. You are paying hourly workers who can’t provide service to clients. Additionally, you can’t process digital payments, and back-office processes cease. Above all, you can’t provide the exceptional customer experiences your brand is known for. 

It’s essential that your POS system is backed by solid support designed to maximize uptime and minimize loss and reputational damage. 


Get the POS Support You Deserve

Paradise POS is committed to equipping your business with the optimal system, configuring it for your business’s unique needs, and supporting it with 24/7 U.S.-based support. When you work with Paradise POS, you won’t wait for a response from a call center or put your business on hold until the next business day to resolve critical issues.