Paradise POS Expands Operations and Opens New Headquarters

Paradise POS, a pioneer in iOS-based point of sale software development, opened its doors at a new location in Tyler, TX last month. The move to 16474 County Road 165 will allow the business to expand operations and hire new employees.

“The location we chose to build our new headquarters was very strategic. It’s situated on three acres just off the high-growth corridor of Old Jacksonville Highway, giving us ample space to expand into the future and room for two more buildings if needed,” said Jeh Holsomback, President of Paradise POS and Secure Payment Solutions. “We were cramped and filled to capacity in our prior facility and now we have plenty of room to grow.”

The newly constructed space gives the company 4,400 additional square footage for a total of 7,900 square feet from which to operate. This triples the size of their previous tech department and will allow Paradise POS to make four times as many technology deployments than prior to the move. In addition, they are more than doubling the size of the programming and development department. A dedicated training center for merchant training has been added as well.

Two new employees have already been hired and Paradise plans to make more hires in the near future as the business grows.

About Paradise POS

Paradise POS offers a cutting-edge iOS-based point of sale software for technology savvy retailers and restaurants who demand a best-in-class mobile solution for their business needs. From its easy to use and easy to learn interface to outstanding tech support and third-party peripheral integrations, Paradise POS stands out from the crowd. For more information visit