Payment Partners and Why You Need the Freedom to Choose

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Why You Need the Freedom to Choose Your Own Payment Partners

It’s unfortunate, but there are POS providers who are more concerned with their own profits than what actually benefits their customers. In fact, many entice you with a free point of sale systembut only if you use the processing provider that they choose. You deserve the freedom to choose your own payment partners, both to ensure that your restaurant or retail customers are being provided top-notch service, and to maximize your hard-earned revenue.

Things to Consider when Choosing Payment Partners

First, you need a payment partner that allows you to receive payments the way you (and your customers) want. However, finding someone suitable for your business operations involves so much more than simply accepting credit cards or even handling new forms of payment like mobile wallets. 

Before choosing a processor, you should ask the following questions:

Do they allow for and support Cash Discount?

In order to recoup your lost revenue through credit card processing fees, you should choose a payment processor that can implement a compliant cash discount program. Cash discounts are a way of rewarding customers who choose to pay cash for their purchases, and ultimately help you to keep more of your hard-earned profits. 

When will you be able to receive the money you’ve rightfully earned?

The world doesn’t slow down just because the official “business hours” end. If you rightfully earn money on a Friday night, you deserve to have access to it as quickly as possible. Make sure to ask your potential payment providers when you’ll receive your revenue, especially around weekend and holiday timeframes. 

Do they charge excessive fees?

There are a number of point of sale providers that make it very easy to install their equipment and software–but you pay for it in excessive recurring fees from the payment provider you’re stuck with and/or excessive tech support fees.  Often, these fees are lower in the beginning and then rise over time.  Ancillary and third party fees should also be considered for things like in-depth reporting, gift and loyalty services, multiple user setups, etc.  Many of these are things that should be core components of any major POS provider. It’s very important that you have the freedom to integrate with different payment processors that will provide excellent service while also allowing you to retain an appropriate amount of your revenue. 

How Paradise POS Can Help

At Paradise POS, not only is our versatile, intuitive, and robust POS system an excellent solution for your business, but we also allow you the freedom to choose your payment partners. While we have preferred payment processing partners that we believe will offer you excellent service and reasonable rates, you’re in no way required to utilize them simply because we trust them. It’s your business; it’s your choice. 

No matter what, we are dedicated to making your business dreams a reality. We’ll provide you with the tools and flexibility to make the right choices for your business. We are your dedicated partner, and Paradise’s robust system is here to provide what you need.

Are you curious about what our preferred payment partners can provide? Contact us for more information today!