Top Restaurant Marketing Tactics to Boost Sales

Restaurant Marketing Tactics that Really Work

Restaurant Marketing Tactics that Really Work

As the digital age continues to develop at lightning speed an increasing number of restaurants are turning to more digital options and avenues for marketing tactics that help grow business and take advantage of reaching their customers where they are.

When it comes to the success of your restaurant, the strategy you put in place can make or break your business. Here are four tactics to help your restaurant stay on track to drive sales and engage with your valuable customers:

1.  Make Your Restaurant Social Media Friendly

Besides being active on social media yourself with an account for your business, reach potential customers where they like to hang out: on social media! Not only will more people gain visibility and awareness of your restaurant, you can also create restaurant marketing tactics around social media.

Give guests the opportunity to snap and share selfies and pictures of their meal in your restaurant with some creative décor, a custom hashtag, or use one of the most popular ones such as #foodporn. A social presence will put your restaurant top of mind with potential new customers and your guests posting about your establishment will help you gain a larger reach with more potential customers than you ever could in the most organic way possible.

2.  Send Targeted Promotions

Collecting data from your customers and their purchases is not only important for gauging your key metrics, it can also help your restaurant create specific and targeted promotions for your customers to get them into your business.

With the right point of sale system your restaurant will have access to a number of reports and information about sales. Leverage this information and customer data to create and send strategic, targeted promotions such as a free birthday drink or dessert, a kid’s meal deal with purchase of an adult meal, or even a loyalty program for customers.

3.  Have a Mailing List

One of the most vital strategies to not forget when it comes to how your business plans and creates marketing tactics is email marketing. Email marketing is still very relevant for many of your customers.

Regular email communications help build loyal customers by making them feel like they are a part of your restaurant and what you are doing. Guests that love your restaurant and the food you serve want to know what’s new and if you are running any events and promotions and are eager to sign up to stay in the loop.

4.  Offer Guests Free Wi-Fi

With the endless number of restaurant marketing tactics that you can consider, one that often gets overlooked is free wi-fi. To turn this into an effective marketing tool ask guests for basic information such as a phone number or email address to gain access to your network. In return for this information your guests will gain access to an internet connection and you get a wealth of data about your customers.

Use data you’ve collected from your customers to create more effective marketing and advertising efforts that can be sent to customers who have already visited your establishment, giving you a greater ROI from the system you have in place.

Implement your Strategy:

A successful marketing strategy is important when it comes to your restaurant you have the ability to implement one that best fits the needs and wants of the customers you are targeting. By creating a social and digital presence for your restaurant you can reach more customers and drive more sales with the right restaurant marketing tactics for your business.

Contact us today to discover how the right tools and tactics can help your restaurant gain increased flexibility and a marketing strategy that really works.