Overcoming Labor Shortages with Restaurant POS Technology

Restaurant POS Technology

How Restaurant POS Technology Helps With Labor Shortages

Providers of the latest restaurant point of sale (POS) technology understand their clients’ operational hassles and concerns. Emerging concepts have paved the way for providing quality service to customers while offsetting one of the biggest pain points: labor shortages. According to the National Restaurant Association, 7 in 10 operators across all major segments say their restaurant does not have enough employees to support customer demand. As a result, restaurants must manage their business operations efficiently and counter these staffing issues by adopting the latest technology. From managing inventory and tracking sales to enhancing the customer experience, restaurant POS technology offers ways to maximize productivity. Tasks such as receiving orders and payments can be automated, freeing your staff to focus on providing the best service. Here’s how the innovative features of today’s POS tech are helping restaurants do more, even with limited staff.


Run a More Efficient Restaurant Operation Utilizing POS Technology

POS systems have been around for decades, and technological advances have made it easy for the restaurant industry to streamline processes and work efficiently. Benefits of restaurant POS technology include:

  • Inventory Management:  POS technology allows you to manage your inventory in real time and know the precise number of items you have on hand. Besides labor, inventory is one of a restaurant’s most significant expenses. Inventory must be handled efficiently to avoid spoilage of overstocked items and prevent stock outages that lead to disappointed customers.
  • 24/7 Access to Data: A cloud-based POS software solution allows you to access your data anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection, and your reports and analytics will be at your fingertips when you need to make informed business decisions.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Creating a great experience leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty. POS technologies are vital to seamless customer experiences, improving order speed and accuracy while offering hassle-free payment flexibility.
  • Functionalities That Increase Sales: The right POS system will allow you to reach consumers with personalized promotions, offer online ordering, and speed up the kitchen.



Quick Response (QR) Codes are square, two-dimensional barcodes that provide instant access to information when scanned by a consumer’s smartphone. You can use them to facilitate a variety of self-service tasks for customers, such as browsing the menu, signing up for your loyalty program, or even picking up and paying for their orders. These codes level up your customer experience and help streamline operations and serve guests faster. With QR codes, you can: 

  • Serve More Tables with Less Staff: Servers don’t have to make trips between the POS terminal and the guest’s table to take orders and process payments. Guests can scan QR codes to view the menu, order at the table, make a payment, and receive an emailed receipt.
  • Save Time and Money on Menus: With QR code menus, printed menus are a thing of the past. You can eliminate the cost of printing and the time servers spend cleaning the menus. Additionally, you can instantly make menu changes at the click of a button.
  • Improve Guest Satisfaction: Customers can order additional items on demand and pay without waiting for the server. POS technology can also automatically provide personalized upsells to guests, increasing average check sizes. Plus, when customers place their orders, they can be more assured of accuracy, increasing their satisfaction.

The self-service options made possible with QR codes will help you make the most of your staff. The time they would have spent taking orders or running payments can be spent elsewhere, such as assisting the kitchen in preparing the orders faster.


Online Ordering Pro

Online ordering and delivery have become enormously popular options for restaurant patrons. According to Statista, the revenue in the online food delivery segment will reach $323 billion this year. As a result, restaurants must prepare for consumer demands by implementing restaurant POS technology that allows for online ordering and delivery.

Online Ordering Pro from Paradise POS allows restaurants to maintain open tabs where guests can pay when their items are received. As with self-service, online ordering can increase ticket sizes by providing selling prompts; and Online Ordering Pro can display up to four additional suggested menu items. In addition, the Pro systems allow restaurants to accept gift cards or loyalty rewards online. Shifting more emphasis to online ordering and delivery, allowing the restaurant POS technology to handle orders and payments, is another great way to combat labor shortages and increase the bottom line.


How Paradise POS is Helping Restaurants

To keep up in today’s marketplace, restaurants need a powerful POS system that does more than enter orders and settle checks. With the added problem of labor shortages, it’s important to improve internal operations and maximize efficiency without compromising the customer experience. Understanding the restaurant POS technology available to you is the first step in unlocking all of the advantages it offers. By implementing technology into your operations, you can leverage the functionality to track and tailor offerings to your customers, building strong loyalty in the long run. We know labor shortages are tough on business, but with Paradise POS, we take the worry and hassle out of it, helping you reallocate your staff where they can do the most good for your business.