Retail Shopping Trends to Win This Holiday Season

Portrait of two friends shopping together wearing a mask, coronavirus concept

While restrictions have lifted since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s still not expected to have a “normal” holiday season like previous years. The holiday season is a magical time, and we’re here to help keep your business moving forward with the right retail shopping trends.

The 2020 holiday season will look very different for shoppers and retailers alike. Capacity limits, online retail sales, and an extended shopping season are all trends that retailers need to stay on top of to secure success. Discover the top retail shopping trends you need to know to keep your business open and thriving this holiday season:

Optimize Store Layout and Experience for Shopping Convenience

Although it’s unlikely that crowds will surge on one particular day this year, retailers should nevertheless prepare their physical location for those who feel comfortable shopping in-person. The virus hasn’t changed customer service fundamentals, so your customers will expect the quick and painless shopping experience that they’re used to.

Creating customer-focused experiences are critical for holiday retail shopping success. To ensure shopping ease and safety, it’s a good idea to meet with your team ahead of time to optimize your space for customers. This can include floor decals, social distancing signage, and other marketing directional items to keep your customers alert and aware while they shop.

With the expected increase in online ordering due to virus anxieties, retailers should also consider hiring additional seasonal associates to help with curbside pickup or delivery orders. Hiring more staff will ensure that the services you offer that are supposed to be quick and efficient stay that way. According to Accenture’s Holiday Research Survey, 56% of consumers say they won’t shop with a retailer following an unsatisfactory delivery experience. Don’t let your busiest season get the best of you; prepare in advance and you’re sure to reap the benefits.

Online Retail Sales Will Remain Resilient

Online retail sales have already had a huge boost this year; however, online ordering is a trend that will last far beyond the 2020 holiday season. Online ordering was gaining traction before the pandemic, and will continue to increase in popularity among customers who value convenience. In fact, 77% of consumers want their online purchases delivered to their homes, according to Accenture’s Holiday Research Survey. Adopting or revamping existing online ordering services will not only benefit your business during the holiday season, but in the future as well.

However, the key to successful online retail sales is arming your business with the proper technology. Without it, both your employees and customers will suffer if they have slow, inefficient tech. Before holiday retail shopping reaches its peak, it’s a good idea to allow your employees to maximize productivity by equipping them with the latest technology.

Having an intuitive retail POS system with online ordering integration that allows you to view all information on one platform creates a positive working experience for your staff as well as a positive shopping experience for your customers. CBRE Retail Research forecasts 2020 holiday e-Commerce sales growth to more than double to at least 40% (in 2019 it was 14%), putting e-Commerce’s share of total retail sales in November and December at 39%.

With consumers planning to minimize in-store shopping, having the technology capable of providing a seamless online experience for customers is paramount.

Expect a Longer Holiday Retail Shopping Season

In the past year, it’s clear that in-store shopping has decreased. Many retailers are worried how this will affect their holiday season. The rising popularity of eCommerce and online retail sales has led to a significant decline in crowds for Black Friday and other critical retail sale events in recent years. As in-person sales decrease, online sales will grow due to customers having reservations about shopping in-person.

E-Commerce will further help retailers succeed during the holidays with an extended holiday shopping season. Due to eCommerce’s anticipated growth, the holiday retail shopping season will extend from October to January, giving retailers ample time to make up for potentially lower in-store sales. Retailers need to invest in technology that will allow retail management to have all information accessible in one place to support employee, customer, and business needs, especially as business transfers online.

For businesses trying to recover from the previous months of shutdowns and regulations, it is crucial to prepare your business and staff in advance of the holidays to meet every customer’s needs regardless of whether they shop in-person, online, or request curbside pickup or delivery. Doing this will maximize success this holiday season.

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