The Pros and Cons of POS Reseller Programs

POS Reseller Programs

As a value-added reseller, (VAR), you are charged with determining which vendors you get your products from. This is no insignificant choice—the vendors you work with will determine whether or not you sell the point of sale (POS) technology that can adequately address the needs of your clients.

One of the options for you is to participate in POS reseller programs. These programs are offered by partners to help VARs succeed in selling their technology and products. And like with any program, there are both advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s an up-close look at the pros and cons of POS reseller programs:


Small Networks

Depending on the reseller program you choose as a VAR, you may encounter a small network to market and sell to. This can cut into your profits, leaving you scrambling to find more software partners to add to your personal arsenal of tools. However, a good vendor partner will be able to help you work through and sell to a network that wants and needs their POS product.

Insufficient Training

Training is an essential component of any reputable POS reseller program. It’s critical to have sufficient knowledge about the product you’re trying to sell. If there isn’t adequate training for the program, it can hurt your sales pitch. You want to sound like an authority on the technology you sell. Plus, you can’t convey your expertise if you haven’t been fully trained.

Lack of Innovation

Different resellers possess various levels of innovation. It’s critical you choose POS reseller programs offered only by partners that have a constant commitment to innovation. If an organization isn’t continually innovating, they won’t be able to keep up. With evolving demands, their customers won’t have sufficient support to offer resellers the best products for the industry.

Releasing new updates and features is key to the fast paced, tech-driven POS industry, and if your partner company isn’t doing that, they’re not a worthwhile partner.


Understanding of Small Businesses

POS reseller programs are typically aimed at small to mid-sized businesses. As a VAR, this can unlock valuable selling, marketing, and communicating with these businesses to understand their needs. Not only that, but you’ll get to act as a liaison between your reseller partner and the small businesses you work with to open a dialogue about the products and how to improve them.

Industry Expertise

Partnering with a POS company gives you valuable industry insights as a reseller. Even more so if you partner with an industry-leading organization with a well-known name and product. Partners like these will help guide you through the sale process and make it easier to sell their products and solutions. They clue you in on industry trends, pain points, and challenges, as well as how to help clients overcome them.

Support System

Going at it alone can be scary, especially if you’re just starting out with selling POS systems. Partnering with an organization that offers a comprehensive support system will be key to becoming a successful reseller. These organizations offer marketing support, training, marketing materials, hardware certifications, and more. All of these are critical to look for when choosing a reseller program.


As a VAR, it’s paramount that you have a partner—not a competitor. Many “partners” will say they are committed to the success of your business, but will go around you to sell solutions directly to clients. A worthwhile POS partner, like Paradise POS, will be fully-committed to your success as a reseller, and will see it as their success too. They won’t compete against you and will act as a trusted partner and resource to help you achieve your sales potential.

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