4 Tips for Choosing the Best Restaurant Online Ordering Solution

restaurant customer holding phone to purchase meal via restaurant online ordering system


The increased demand for an online ordering solution and a delivery plan created a massive shift in the restaurant industry. Online ordering channels proved to support restauranteurs throughout the pandemic, while many businesses have not served at full capacity with their dining room seating.

While navigating the global pandemic, restaurant owners learned that it’s crucial to invest in digital solutions to improve operational efficiency while supporting ever-changing customer demands. Fortunately, choosing an intuitive solution that integrates with your point of sale doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are four tips for choosing the best online ordering solution for your restaurant.

Ensure it Enhances Restaurant Efficiency

Most restaurant owners and managers are not technology experts, ruling out complicated, bulky systems that are difficult to use. The most critical consideration to keep in mind when choosing an online ordering solution lies in its solutions. Are you able to streamline operations with ease and make more sales in the process? That’s a great sign. However, if you’re spending more time troubleshooting problems than making sales, you need a simplified solution.

An online ordering solution that progresses productivity must be intuitive, permitting restaurant managers or staff to update menu items and prices without downtime for your customers. In addition to ease-of-use for your team, it should also be easy for customers to place an order. The worst outcome is that you have a confusing system that delays the quality of service. With a well-organized, simple system, you and your staff can provide service that is guaranteed to enhance your internal operations while providing a stellar customer experience.

Get Data for Days

The best way to learn about your customers is through their ordering data from your online ordering solution. When you’re tracking the right insights, it allows restaurateurs to identify popular menu items and the items that could potentially go off your menu.

It is crucial to choose an online ordering solution that offers valuable insights. Insights like these will empower you to decide what items advance your business and other customer preferences, such as top-order days and who your most loyal customers are.

The Proof Lies in Your Profits

Although an online ordering solution’s essential feature is to have a place where customers can place orders online, there’s more to it. Your online ordering system should serve as an additional stream of revenue. Customers are more likely to have a higher-order price if they place their order online, making this an excellent opportunity to cross-promote different items. You can upsell the most profitable menu items and suggest options such as sides, dressings, drinks, and other options. You can also implement a loyalty program that rewards your customers for choosing your business, encouraging them to keep coming back in the future.

Consider Digital Channel Customer Experience

Customers must find your online ordering experience effortless. Truthfully, an ineffective online ordering system could hinder your business if customers don’t know how to use it. That’s a massive problem for your business. Don’t deter customer satisfaction with a poor online ordering experience. Test a variety of online ordering integration systems to see what has the best customer experience performance. Plus, you always want to do what will encourage impulse orders from supporters. The simpler the solution, the better.

Your online ordering solution of choice should meet customer needs with every transaction. That said, you should offer several types of digital payment options. Don’t forget  various delivery and pickup methods to appeal to the most extensive base of your customers possible. It’s essential to have a flexible online ordering solution. It allows you to provide different fulfillment options to improve customer satisfaction.

Online ordering is the perfect solution for improving the customer experience and growing your customer base. There are many different solutions for restaurants to choose from; however, you must ask the right questions before settling for a solution that won’t help you succeed long-term. A valuable online ordering solution will help you spend less time solving problems and more time focusing on your business and your customers.

At Paradise POS, we support restaurant owners with a full restaurant management technology network. If you’re looking to maximize efficiency, sales, and customer satisfaction using an online ordering solution, contact us today.