QR Code Menu: A Restaurant’s Hot Ticket

Contactless ordering with QR code menu

Take Your Restaurant Digital With a QR Code Menu

As restaurants continue to look for innovative ways to incorporate measures that rebuild consumer trust, consumers also rely on restaurants to put safety protocols at the forefront of their operational landscape. Contactless experiences have become a necessity. Therefore, savvy restaurants must turn to contactless ordering solutions, such as QR code menus. 

A restaurant’s QR code menu allows customers to access a menu with a mobile device, such as a smartphone. Digital menus are not just great remedies for consumers, however. They are also simple to set up and offer a cost-effective solution that enables restaurants to maximize communication and efficiency while reducing the spread of germs.

Why Implementing Your Restaurant with a QR Code Menu is Essential

In a world influenced by the pace of technological change, restaurants need to adapt. According to the National Restaurant Association, 52% of Americans want restaurants to use technology to make ordering and payment more accessible. These numbers reflect consumer preferences, and physical menus are one of the safety concerns diners voiced about going back to dining out. Aside from adapting to consumer preferences, digital menus enable restaurants to increase customer safety. Additionally, they offer benefits for business operations such as streamlining workflow, increasing average ticket times, and minimizing mistakes.

Increase Customer and Patron Safety

Physical menus are one of a few restaurant items that touch multiple hands throughout the day. This results in the transfer of germs. A simple solution to increase customer and patron safety is removing unnecessary contact. QR code restaurant menus allow customers to view the menu, order, and pay for service. Moreover, it eliminates the need to exchange physical menus, cash, or credit. The standard customer service mantra of “service with a smile” has been replaced with “meeting your customers where they are,” meaning listening to consumer needs and providing them a safe way to continue dining out.

Streamline Workflow by Sending Orders Straight to the Kitchen

Contactless ordering provides restaurants with seamless dining experiences that will not compromise the personal connection. QR code menus allow staff to focus on delivering outstanding hospitality and, in turn, improve the guest experience by eliminating wait times and reducing order errors. Contactless ordering also helps back-of-house operations by sending orders directly to the kitchen printer or display. As a result, the time spent on printing and closing checks is drastically reduced, improving table turn times.

Use Upsell Prompts to Increase Average Ticket Size and Tips for Your Servers

Unlike physical menus, digital menus are readily in guests’ hands throughout their entire dining experience. This allows diners to continue to scroll through the menu and select additional menu items. As a result, you can significantly increase ticket sizes as guests do not have to wait for their server to order another drink or appetizer.

Statistics show that 80% of consumers prefer spending with a card over cash. Because contactless payments are becoming the preferred way to pay, they are also becoming the preferred way to receive payments. Implementing contactless payments ensures that diners can pay at their own pace. Because of this, you can reduce their time waiting for the bill. As mentioned earlier, this will allow restaurants to turn tables faster, ensuring your staff has opportunities to earn more money. Additionally, prompted gratuity at the checkout can increase tips.

Using a QR Code Restaurant Menu for Contactless Ordering

The first step in offering a contactless ordering solution is digitizing your menu. While this may seem daunting, Paradise POS links directly to your database, allowing for easy menu setup in one centralized location. Uploading images of your menu items, assigning pricing, and managing reports are effortless, giving restaurants the ability to quickly take control of their online ordering. Once setup is complete, you can create an “Order Now” button that can be added to your website and social media platforms, allowing for a wider reach.

How Paradise POS is Helping Restaurants

Paradise POS provides your business with tools to increase operational efficiency, control cost, and improve the bottom line. With our contactless ordering and QR code menus, you will enjoy a seamless, easy-to-use platform with no hidden fees and, most importantly, a contactless solution for guests. Where other systems cost anywhere from 25-40% commission, Paradise POS offers a monthly flat rate, zero commissions, and no setup fees. We create the QR code and provide it as part of the setup process, leaving you to just add it to table tents, stickers, signage, and any other material you see fit. If you’re looking for innovative solutions to fulfill ever-changing consumer preferences, look no further. Our intuitive technology is built for the challenges that restaurants face. 

Contact us today to see how we can provide you with contactless ordering solutions!