Restaurant Tech: Digital Solutions for Growing Sales

Restaurant Tech: Digital Solutions to Grow Sales

Customers now have different expectations when it comes to service from restaurants. For better or worse, their understanding of what it means to go out to restaurants or ordering-in/delivering food has completely changed. With advancements in restaurant tech, customers demand various options that prioritize speed, efficiency, and convenience.

Restaurateurs have taken notice of how restaurant technologies can enhance customer experience, and in turn, boost their sales. They’re learning that their restaurant POS systems can do so much more for their business than just handling orders and payments. Learn more for yourself about the benefits of restaurant technology and how it can provide you with various digital solutions that can help your restaurant sales grow. 


Increase Your Ticket Sizes

One of the significant benefits of restaurant tech is that it can increase your ticket sales with the help of smart ordering. Smart ordering allows you to increase your ticket size with conversational ordering and suggesting selling. These features can also boost your sales efficiency and enable you to track your ticket sales with ease. That way, you can keep up with the latest sales trends and adjust accordingly. Restaurant tech, like smart ordering, is a perfect way of expanding your profits without overcomplicating your restaurant operations. 


Streamline Operations and Reduce Wait Time

There are several types of digital solutions for restaurant tech that can help improve your business’s performance and prevent customers from waiting too long. A variety of payment methods is one way of streamlining your restaurant. In the digital age, various payment options are a must: from traditional payments, like cash, debit, credit, gift, and loyalty, to online ordering, having multiple payment options increase the efficiency of your restaurant. Plus, the more options available to customers, the easier it is to generate a profit.

Contactless Order & Pay can simplify operations and significantly cut down wait time. It gives customers the power to order and pay at their table, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. All they have to do is scan their restaurant’s QR code, input their table number, and use online ordering to create and pay for their order. Some other benefits include:

  • Minimizing mistakes, since your guests make their orders
  • Improve table turn times
  • Reduce all the back and forth between staff and guests; your customers no longer have to wait for their server to take care of the check
  • Increase tips with prompted gratuity

If you have a bar or serve alcohol, ID scanning and age verification on a POS system are critical for maximizing your business operations. You can avoid costly fines and penalties by scanning ID to verify your customer’s age when selling regulated products. So, even at the busiest of times, your POS system will keep you on track without slowing you down. It keeps you, your employees, and your business safe. 


Adapt Quickly: Staying Flexible and Mobile

Restaurant tech can help you stay flexible as we continue to move forward into unprecedented times. Not only will it prepare you in the short term, but it will also allow your business to grow well into the future. POS systems built for iOS are ideally suited for taking orders tableside and pay-at-the-table convenience

You can use the cloud to access critical data via a tablet, smartphone, or PC so you can make timely and informed business decisions. Because it’s cloud-based, an internet-independent point of sale system still communicates, even when the internet goes down. The right POS system can assist you by managing multiple restaurants at once, all within the palm of your hand. It can adapt to whatever business plans you have for your business moving forward. 


Safe and Convenient Restaurant Tech

It’s possible that customers may still feel uncertain about going to eat out. However, despite the uneasiness, customers still find comfort in having options. A recent study conducted by Oracle found that 40% of people surveyed enjoyed viewing menus and ordering from their devices. In comparison, 36% said they felt safer reserving a table in advance on their mobile devices.

Restaurant tech can offer digital solutions that will keep your customers safe without sacrificing convenience. While it’s great for streamlining operations, Contactless Order & Pay is also a great way of giving your customers control and allowing them peace of mind when they go out to eat at your restaurant. There are no physical menus, no exchanging credit cards, no receipts, no touch with Contactless Order & Pay. Also, you can use QR codes anywhere that is easily accessible to your guests. You can even place them in parking spots so customers can scan, order, and pay without ever having to leave their car! 

Different payment options mean customers can choose what works best for them and what keeps them comfortable. If you offer online ordering, you can put your restaurant not only online but in the palm of your customer’s hand!


Like it or not, restaurant tech is quickly becoming a critical part of restaurant operations. You have to be willing to significantly adapt and grow your business since the benefits outweigh any of the difficulties you may face. 

Do you want to take advantage of these digital solutions for your restaurant? At Paradise POS, we can help you implement a strategy with our restaurant POS systems and find what works best for you. Contact us and create your slice of paradise today!